Tomás Luciano Dev

Tomás Luciano Dev is a website created by me, a web developer specialized in UI design, UX writing, WordPress development and SEO. My main focus is on E-commerce and Real Estate. The goal is to make products that I am proud to sell and recommend to my family and friends. I am not interested in shipping junk to my clients and I am always learning new things to improve the quality of what I develop

Project Information

The client

The client is me, my intention is to work as a Freelancer getting clients on my own, although I also want to look for a job in a company to broaden my experience

The goal

The goal of this project was to create a web developer website that was attractive and easy to use, with an exceptional user experience. The focus was on creating a high quality website optimized for a great user experience.

Project result

The result of the project was a professional and attractive web developer website that focuses on E-commerce and Real Estate. The wireframing process was used to plan and design the layout of the sections on the page, before moving on to user interface and user experience (UX/UI) design using Figma. The site was developed on Wordpress and Elementor, and was optimized for SEO to ensure excellent user experience and accessibility.