Real Estate

This real estate website offers a wide variety of properties, from apartments to offices, for rent or sale. It allows users to filter their search according to their needs and preferences, and offers detailed information on each property, including photo galleries and map location. In addition, it has a contact option to make inquiries and request more information.

Project Information

The client

My client is a company dedicated to the real estate market with extensive experience in the sale and rental of properties. In order to expand his reach and reach more clients, he decided to create a website that would allow him to offer his services in a more efficient and accessible way.

The goal

The objective of the project was to create a modern and functional website that would allow users to find properties based on their needs and preferences, and provide detailed information on each one. It was also sought that navigation was easy and simple, and that users could contact the company directly to request more information.

Project result

The end result of the project was a modern and functional website that allows users to filter their search for properties by type of rent, price, category, location and environments. In addition, each property has detailed information, photo galleries and location on the map, which facilitates decision making by users. Finally, the contact button allows users to request more information or schedule a visit to the property that interests them.