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UI Designer, UX Writer, WordPress Dev, SEO.

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Maikai Nutrición

UX/UI, Figma, E-commerce, WordPress, Elementor
Maikai Nutrición is a website designed to provide practical and didactic tools to nutrition professionals. It offers various products such as ebooks, planners, shopping lists, and …

Real Estate

UX/UI, Figma, Real Estate, WordPress, Elementor
This real estate website offers a wide variety of properties, from apartments to offices, for rent or sale. It allows users to filter their search according to their needs and…

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This ebook is a complete guide to tell business owners how I am going to help them create their website from scratch. From design planning and sketching, to site construction and delivery.


The ebook also includes information on how I will monitor and maintain the website, as well as tips on how to improve search engine rankings and increase online visibility.


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