Maikai Nutrición

Maikai Nutrición is a website designed to provide practical and didactic tools to nutrition professionals. It offers various products such as ebooks, planners, shopping lists, and recipe books that help nutritionists guide their clients toward wellness.

Project Information

The client

Lucia and Debora, nutritionists who are passionate about their work and convinced that a brand represents the spirit of those who create it, are the people behind Maikai Nutrición. His goal is to provide support and resources to his colleagues to improve the quality of care for his clients.

The goal

The objective of the project was to create a website oriented to the sale of digital products focused on nutrition and well-being. The aim was to transmit the passion and commitment of Lucia and Debora towards her profession through an attractive and functional design that reflects the values of Maikai Nutrición.

Project result

The result of the project was a modern and attractive website that faithfully represents the vision and values of Maikai Nutrición. The digital products offered by the website are of high quality and are designed to help nutrition professionals in their daily work. Maikai Nutrition now has an online platform that allows you to reach more people and provide them with useful and practical tools for their well-being.